On-site training and workshops

Our seminars, workshops and trainings are designed for your specific ministry. Invite your staff, your leaders and your volunteers!

For information about speaking and workshops for your organization, please visit our speaking page for further details. 

Upcoming events

This ONLINE event is for a small group (limited to 10 people) of like-minded leaders to ignite your volunteer ministry. I will provide practical ideas and solutions gained from building a Guest Service Ministry that grew from 30 to over 1,000 volunteers and 150 leaders over multiple campus locations. (Registration is now closed - workshop is full!)

SESSION 1: Start Up! SEPTEMBER 10 (All Session 7pm-8:30pm EST)
You want to know "How do you recruit volunteers?" 
I want to know, "What are you recruiting or calling volunteers to?"

What is your "ON-BOARDING" process for volunteers? How to create simple and exciting steps that encourage people to take their first step towards serving plus removing the barriers to serve.

Finding the right leaders and then training, empowering and equipping them to build strong teams is the key to sustainable and thriving ministries. We will be talking about "real teams" not just a pool-of-people or a roster. :)

 SESSION 4: Huddle Up! OCTOBER 22
Before the first "Good Morning!"...Are you intentional about providing time for your volunteers? Are you providing key information, pointing them to Jesus and building community? This is a key time to motivate, connect and encourage volunteers!

 SESSION 5: Finish Strong! NOVEMBER 5
What is your "OFF-BOARDING" process for volunteers? For the individual, the team, the ministry how do you celebrate endings? And one word: "Debriefs"...it matters that we finish just as strong as we start! 

 What else you will gain?

- Community with like-minded leaders that "get" what you are working on in your church. 

- A volunteer handbook filled with Best Practices, volunteer role descriptions and timelines. (a $200 value) 

- Real-time coaching from Mary Ann for 2 months ($750 value).

- A free one hour, One-On-One Coaching Zoom Call with me. (A 3-month coaching package would cost $650)


Past events

One Day Women’s Leadership Workshops - Creating A “I GET TO SERVE!” Volunteer Culture

JULY 25 or AUGUST 22
Have you ever had a volunteer change their flight schedule just to get to your volunteer meeting? That actually happened when I was leading a volunteer ministry of over 1,000 volunteers and 150 leaders! Let’s work towards getting your heroes from “I have to serve” to “I get to serve!”

Get more information and register HERE.

Moxie led by Mary Ann Sibley and Michele Woodall


Mary Ann and Grief Specialist, Michele Woodall, co-host women's gatherings and known as Moxie.  These are great outreach opportunities for the women in your church!

Moxie's challenges women to
Engage in the conversation.
Be active in their own journey and
Know that they are not alone.

Learn more about Moxie at moxiegals.com.