For Ones Who Dig In...With Wild Abandon!

"We started in the basement with no mirrors, no money, no sound system."
"We came from a very dangerous neighborhood where kids die daily." 
"We have been together for years and our bond is unbreakable." 

These are just a few of the introductions from the groups that come to compete for fame, money and validation on all the summer contest shows. From America's Got Talent to World of Dance, the dreamers show up and give it their all. 

And I love it! 
I love their passion. I love their commitment to the craft and most of all, to one another. 

I believe the church is the place where we should see this same drive and wild abandon from volunteers. Where people are so crazy about who Jesus is and their love for God that they cannot NOT do whatever it takes to serve others.

To show up with so much gratitude that grace pours out of every word, look or action.

To be brave enough to be vulnerable with their hurts and struggles that mercy floods into the lives of the people they serve. 

I know it's possible because I have seen it. I have experienced it. 

So here's a challenge to the local church.

Let's stop sitting on the bench while the other team, the enemy, is on the field and running up the score. We must not be afraid to speak the vision or plan with intentionality for the few who will not get it. 

There will always be those who choose to walk away.
                        John 6:66 "After this many of his disciples turned back
                                         and no longer walked with him."

But, oh....the ones who stay. The ones who dig in.

Let's find them and serve them and encourage them!
Because there are hurting people out there.
Let's find them, serve them and encourage them!

And God will do the heavy lifting and do what only He can and will do.

We just need to do our part.

Let's get out there and move that ball down the field!